About an experiment that ended in complete failure... Chinese analogue of water ionizers!

About an experiment that ended in complete failure... Chinese analogue of water ionizers!

Nonetheless, poor-quality manufacturers are everywhere! And our recent experiment only proved it. On one of the notorious sites for the delivery of goods from China, we purchased a Chinese analogue of a portable water ionizer. By the way, you can find such on Russian sites too.

Externally and in dimensions, it resembles one of the most popular models of our ionizers - the “VIONE MINERAL” mineral stick.

So, let's go through the differences that we have encountered and that you run the risk of encountering if you recklessly or in order to save money, decide to order a Chinese analogue.

1. The first and most important thing is that we are the authors and developers of our product.

Our ionized products are patented and we guarantee their quality. In case of an analogue, we are dealing with resellers who are responsible only for supplying you with goods. By whom it was produced, who owns the production license, and whether this thing is aimed at improving the quality of water characteristics, and therefore improving human health, is UNKNOWN.

2. Packaging that directly affects the transport and safety of the ionizer.

When buying "VIONE MINERAL" you will always find inside:

1) Branded and strong external tube

2) Instructions for use with all our contacts

3) Metal case for carrying

4) Ionizer itself

When buying a Chinese analogue, you will find at best:

1) Ionizer

2) Small instruction

3.1 Ionizer operation (pH)

We conducted an experiment: we took absolutely the same water under the same conditions and placed two ionizers there.

Our "VIONE MINERAL" stably holds an alkaline pH of water in the region of 8-9.

Whereas, the pH of water after the Chinese analogue is acidic, about 5-6.

3.2 Ionizer operation (ORP)

As for ORP (redox potential, that is, charge) water - again our ''Mineral'' won.

In 15 minutes, he reduced the ORP of water to -163 MV.

Whereas, the Chinese analogue reduced the ORP of water to only -4 MV.

4. Internal composition of ionizers.

We disassembled both ionizers and checked what was inside:

Inside the "Vione Mineral" are balls of patented composition, which are produced only on our order. The beads are made of a mixture of shungite, magnesium, silicon, calcium, zinc, tourmaline, zeolite, white clay. We carefully monitor the environmental friendliness and filling quality of our ionizers.

Ashot Papikovich Khachatryan himself developed this filling in such a way as to guarantee you a stable healing and wellness effect!

Inside the Chinese counterpart are 4 types of minerals. However, the origin of the filler is unknown: what kind of minerals are they and what substances do they release into the water?.. These substances can simply be dangerous to humans. After all, none of the manufacturers will weigh on the quality and filling of ionizers, as WE do.

We noticed that one of the minerals inside the Chinese analogue looks like the composition of VIONE MINERAL. Therefore, we specifically compared how this group of minerals acts on water.

The uniqueness of our scientific development is that all the above minerals, thanks to the use of special technology, are pressed and enclosed in a single ball. This ensures stable operation of "VIONE MINERAL" and compliance with all declared parameters of pH and charge change.

In addition, as the experiment showed, the minerals from "VIONE MINERAL" reduced the ORP of water to -207, and the balls from the Chinese analogue did not change anything.

So, if you really want to regularly drink only healthy, negatively charged and alkaline water, and also be sure that your water ionizer at least works properly, and as a maximum does not release any harmful chemicals of unknown origin into the water - purchase products only from proven sources. Choose certified manufacturers with proprietary technologies that guarantee the quality of their products.

After all, saving on your health is not just a loss of money, it is a waste of time, an additional risk and lost opportunities in the direction of a healthy and happy life!