Principle of operation 

Negative hydrogen ions are a powerful antioxidant and neutralize positively charged free radicals. 

Targeted delivery of ions of mineral compounds to the cells of the body and charge them

The cell is renewed and restores its physiological functions

"Our customers have noticed a positive effect of " Vione Mineral Bottle" on the body.

Regulation of the body's acid-base balance.

Rapid recovery with sports loads

Normalization of digestion

Strengthening of immunity

Neutralize free radicals

Increase resistance to stress, infections

The removal of the hangover

Activation of mental activity

The reduction of swelling

Improving the digestive tract

The volume of ionized water is 0.5 liters

Water should be used for drinking, as well as for reviving vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs



The body, top and bottom covers are made of durable Tritan material.

The plastic uses BPA FREE technology, i.e. there is no bisphenol A.

Natural materials pressed into balls . 100% natural materials. Magnesium, silicon, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium, tourmaline (powder), shungite (powder), white clay, zeolite

NB! The Vione Baltic offered goods are not medicaments or medical devices!

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