Principle of operation

 Negative hydrogen ions are a potent antioxidant and neutralize positively charged free radicals

 Ions of mineral compounds are delivered addressably to cells of the organism and charged.

 Cell updates and restores its physiological functions

 Properties of "VIONE MINERAL"

 Purifies water from chlorine and heavy metals

 Structures water according to the body's liquid environment

 Reduces surface tension of water to physiological norm

 Makes water negatively charged: up to -350 ORP

 It mineralizes water with K + Ca2 + Na + Mg2 + Na + ions, etc.

 Destroys pathogenic bacteria

 Regulates the pH of water (pH = 7.5-9.0)

 Neutralizes free radicals 


Submerge "VIONE MINERAL" into a container of 0.33 to 1.0 liters

Wait 20-30 minutes

Done! Now you have negatively charged, structured water

"VIONE MINERAL" can be permanently submerged in water.


Body - food stainless steel.

The validity period is 6 months (for Chinese counterparts 1-2 months).

NB! The Vione Baltic offered goods are not medicaments or medical devices!

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