Principle of operation

One of the main reasons for aging and the development of many chronic diseases is that with age, under the influence of the attack of free radicals, the redox potential of cells increases from -100 mV to -50 mV. This leads to disruption of oxidative-reducing reactions. As a result, the cell oxidizes, begins to get sick and subsequently ages and dies.

ORP of normal drinking water and water-containing products ranges from + 150 mV to + 450 mV. A positive charge of water or liquids takes electrons from cells, and thereby discharges them.

Being in a mug, water and other liquids are saturated with active hydrogen ions, change their structure and acquire powerful antioxidant properties. When they enter the body, they neutralize free radicals, penetrate cells, give away electrons, and thereby charge our cells. There is an additional powerful energy supply of the body at the cellular level, as a result of which the energy of all human cells increases many times. This leads to the effective functionality of all cells of the body, regular full and natural renewal and, as a result, to the recovery and rejuvenation of the whole body.

Method of application

Place the water in a mug, hold for 15 to 30 minutes and drink. When activating other liquids (juices, tea, coffee, etc.), activation should be carried out for 1- 2 minutes. As a result of activation, a white film is formed on the surface of the liquid. Transfer it to another container and take it inside. Please do not leave water-containing liquids in the mug for long - this can lead to spoilage of the product.

To disinfect water, it must be kept in the mug for 10 minutes or more, depending on the contamination of the water.

Method of care

Due to a frequent contact with the liquid, the mug as a result of the action of active hydrogen, develops corrosion of its walls. At the same time, the surface becomes cloudy and blackens, which leads to a decrease in its ability to activate. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically wash the mug with a brush and a special detergent sold in the kit. To do this, pour hot water (70-90 degrees) into the mug. Put one pill down, wait 1-2 minutes. In addition, clean the walls to shine in the resulting solution. It is necessary to clean with a soft metal sponge for dishes or with a stiff side of the parallon sponge. Please use only this detergent. It will help you retain the working properties of your mug for a long time.


Special, environmentally friendly alloy of metals with predominance of magnesium.

The best assessment of the quality of our products is the gratitude of consumers and their health. In this, we see the key to our success.


 Does not require recharging or replacement - an eternal thing

 Activates different types of liquids in 1-5 minutes 

 It has a strong bactericidal effect - completely disinfects water in 10-20 minutes

 Makes water and liquids negatively charged with ORP from - 150 to - 500 mV

 Neutralizes chlorine and heavy metal salts

 Partially alkalizes liquids

NB! The Vione Baltic offered goods are not medicaments or medical devices!

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