In the course of technological progress, water on our planet has lost its key natural properties, thanks to which it was once a source of health maintenance for us.

From the tap From the filter From the bottles

Has a harmful positive charge
Positively charged water is not natural for all living things and the human body in particular. Our body spends its most valuable resources on assimilation of such water. Hence the decline in strength, chronic fatigue, lack of energy, illness, bad skin and hair.
It has an increased level of acidity
Consumption of water with high acidity acidifies our body and leads to an overload of all vital systems. This is too energy-consuming a process. As a result, we get most of the chronic diseases.
It has a high surface tension
Water with a high surface tension has difficulties when penetrating the cells of our body. A significant amount of energy is spent on overcoming surface tension. For this reason, the body wears out and ages prematurely.

Healthy ionized water

Has a negative charge
Plants, animals, and humans are made up of 70-90% negatively charged water. Therefore, only negatively charged water is beneficial for our body, since it is identical in its charge to all its fluids, as well as cells and organs.
It is an alkaline
All body fluids-blood, lymph, interstitial and intracellular fluids-have an alkaline environment. An analog of this environment is a slightly alkaline drinking water, which is easy to digest without excessive energy consumption.
It has a low surface tension
All our body fluids have a low level of surface tension. Therefore, water with a similar surface tension is more biologically available. It is easier to enter into intermolecular interactions and is absorbed instantly.