Inventor of ionizers, ionized products and founder of a network of clinics.

Ashot Papikovich Khachatryan was born in 1956 in Yerevan
1980 - graduated from Yerevan Medical Institute and moved to Novosibirsk
1989 - defended his thesis
1992 - defended his doctoral dissertation

Scientific works:

The author of 6 monographs, more than 300 scientific and popular science articles, more than 60 copyright certificates and patents obtained in the home country and abroad, more than two dozen proposals of industrial significance accepted for use by the Ministry of Health of Russia.


World famous scientist, doctor, doctor of medical sciences, professor, Honored inventor of Russia, Winner of the Award Goskomizobreteny of the USSR, academician of the Russian academy of medico-technical science, academician of the European academy of natural sciences, academician of the New York academy of Sciences.

His inventions were awarded many awards - three gold, two silver and two bronze medals of VDNH of the USSR, medals of R. Koch, P. Erlich, A. Schweitzer, R. Virkhov, awarded diplomas and medals at international exhibitions.

Professor Khachatryan is the developer of all our unique products

Ashot Papikovich has been researching the properties of water for more than 25 years, and uses special activated water in the treatment of severe chronic diseases.

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