VIONE BALTIC OÜ, registered in 2020, brings to the European market high-quality products of the honored inventor of Russia and Europe, MD, Professor, academic ofRussian Academy of Medical and Technical Science (RAMTS), European Academy of Natural Sciences (EANS), National Academy of Science (NAS) Khachatryan A. P.

One of the founders of VIONE BALTIC OÜ has 19 years of experience in purification of drinking water. The experience gained over the years of working with water purifiers, allowed us to conclude that water after being filtered does not restore its key, natural properties. After that, a deep study of water quality and the search for like-minded people in this direction began. Through the Internet, we were acquainted with the products of Professor Khachatryan A.P., and imbued with the idea to improve the quality of life. We tried all the products on ourselves and our loved ones, in order to be sure in the quality of the products that are offered.

The development company is one of the few companies that performs monitoring by testing its products and makes sure that the minerals are 100% safe and do not emit heavy metal salts and dangerous chemical elements such as strontium, caesium, cadmium, arsenic , mercury, lead, iron into the wate.

We value and love what we do!

                                                                                                      VIONE BALTIC OÜ Team.